Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A quick Autumn walk around Cottage Lake Park

As I was headed home from doing a few errands in town, I passed Cottage Lake Park – something I do nearly every day.  But today I couldn’t help but pull into the park’s lot, take my camera out of my purse, and shoot a few quick photos.  Oh, how I wish I’d had Kat’s Nikon D-40 with me! 

These pictures just don’t do the Fall colors justice.


Just look at that blue sky!



Then I came home to this:


There’s no mystery.  This perfect angel didn’t do it:


This little bitch did:


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Lorrene said...

Your photo's are beautiful with any camera. You can't mess up mother nature.
I love your dogs.

Carol said...

Lorrene, you may have one of them. I'll come pick her up in a few weeks (and visit my son in Yakima... ha ha!).

Michelle said...

Great pictures. I always look forward to seeing the pictures you take. I also, look forward to reading your blog. Little miss Shit that is the Bitch owes you a new book. :-)

Heidi said...

Great fall pictures! I have never been to Cottage Lake though I have meant to go with my kidlets for years. Looks so nice. Maybe if we get some nice weather this weekend we'll take a short road trip and check it out! :)

Carol said...

If you do, Heidi, let me know! I'll meet you there with my naughty doggies.

Heidi said...

Oh my kids would love that! They love dogs and their mean parents won't let them have any. :) And I would love to finally meet you! :)

Carol said...

Well, it would either need to be very soon... or we can walk in the park when Spring arrives!

Goofball said...

lovely (except for Quinn's mischief)

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