Thursday, November 10, 2011

A late Autumn stroll through Ashland’s Lithia Park

Dad is home from the hospital after his open heart surgery a bit over two weeks ago.  The plan was that I’d come to Ashland to help Dad and Lou after his surgery, but dummy me – I got sick and had to stay away for an extra week, necessitating quick action from my brothers.  Amazingly enough, we were all able to come together and work things out and I finally got here last Sunday, almost a week after initially planned.

I’ve been cooking up a storm for Dad and Lou for a few days and today, after filling their freezer with casseroles, I took some time to go for a walk in Ashland’s beautiful Lithia Park.

I missed the perfect Fall colors by about two weeks, but still, it was gorgeous!  Behold!



(Yes, the deer were that close – and closer!  They live in perfect harmony with humans here, not at all afraid, just a bit curious, and even seemingly aware of their beauty and spectacle.)


(Look at that!  Someone knit the tree a sweater for the winter!  Here, tree, let me warm you up a bit…)

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Lorrene said...

What a beautiful park. I love Fall.
Thanks for sharing your photo's.

Kimberly said...

That place is beautiful! The duck looks fake w/ such vibrant colors. I love fall in the northwest.

Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures. U should take a second job to take picture for post cards. Wonderful as always

vailian said...

Terrific pictures, thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...
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