Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A quick visit to b-a-r-k p-a-r-k

Yes, I have to spell it because she is obsessed.


Obsessed, I tell you!


Completely and totally in love with…


…her ball.

Nothing is more fun for Shasta than going to an off-leash dog park crawling with her kin…


and completely ignoring them…



in favor of…




The water must have been about 34 degrees, but she couldn’t get enough of it!

She was so tired that she could barely climb out of the water – and yet she wanted more.


It’s not that she was playing with any other dog; it’s that she was competing with any other dog… although only Goldens seemed to want to go in the water today.


“Beat you by a hair!”



She was not happy when it was time to leave.  “But there’s still a ball to play with.  We can’t be finished yet!”


“I’m not finished playing!  I’m not, I’m not, I’m not!”


(“OK, maybe actually, I am.  Ouch.”)


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Judy Schwartz Haley | CoffeeJitters.Net said...

oh, this just made me so miss my old dog. What a sweety.

c said...

Shasta looks so sweet and happy sitting under the sign.
Have you seen 'Up'? Shasta and her ball remind me of 'Dug,' the dog in Up.

Carol said...

She is EXACTLY like "Dug"! Totally!

Anon said...

Shasta needs a diet.

Carol said...

Anon, you obviously have some sort of disdain for me, my family, anything we do, anything I say... so why waste your time with my blog? You have never said anything kind, or even neutral; instead, you read each and every post I write and leave a snarky, rude comment. Is my blog really even worth your time? I'm sure you have much more important things to do than to read my posts (every single one of them) and then find something unkind to say about each one. Am I really worth that time? You go to great lengths to hide your identity -- why? Do I know you IRL? E-mail me and tell me what your issue is with me and let's sit down and have a mature conversation. I'd be happy to talk with you, but this thing that's gone on for years with you leaving nasty comments and hiding is... well, getting ridiculous. You seem to have such a need to be nasty that when I blocked anonymous comments, you gave yourself an identity (why am I not surprised at the name?!) and just kept going. Why not just reveal yourself to me and allow us to communicate in a mature way? I can handle it -- can you?

jennifer said...

Yay Carol - glad you aired the linen with your stupid Troll. I'm pretty sick of reading his/her consistent nasty comments. If you want to give me admin privileges here on your comments board I'd be happy to just delete the comments from this person as soon as they're posted and save us all from his/her stupid annoying drivel.

p.s. Shasta is such a sweetheart... I grew up with Goldens too and, no matter the weather, we could never keep them out of the water! (wet dog smell in the car, constantly, ewww!!!)

Kathrin said...

Anon, I FEEL FOR really must be a lonely person.
Usually, when someone is just that negative and constant hurtful to others, it reflects exactly what they don't like about or find wrong with themself. (You need to go on a diet!?!?!?!) So, I think you should really take up Carols offer and email her and reveal to her, who you are.... I believe of whom she works for, she can point you in the right direction where to find help. You need someone to talk to..... Loneliness makes you bitter.
I bet you could use a dog/cat. You might be surprised about the positive effect it would have on you... Their LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL!

By the way...Carol does know who I am, because I contacted her before I ever posted a comment on her blog...Common courtesy..... For some at least!

Be well Anon..........

Kathrin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathrin said...

Carol, just wanted to let you know.... Simply: I love your blog and whatever you like to share about you and your family members. Four legged ones included.

To offer to talk with "Anon" shows what a KINDHEARTED person YOU ARE.

Even if I don't comment, I read the comments from others.... and let me tell you, "Anon" will NOT keep me away to check up daily if there is a new post on your blog!

From you know WHO :))

PS: I removed my previous post.

Carol said...

Jennifer and Kathrin, you are both so sweet -- thank you. My blog is just a small, personal site with a few very faithful visitors and an occasional Google-referred visitor. I don't advertise, nor do I make any attempt to "grow a blog business" here; this is simply a place to share tidbits about my life, my family (including pets) and sometimes my career. So I can't figure out why Anon makes such an effort to stay... and to hide. Hopefully she (I decided Anon is a she -- or perhaps gay? -- when she commented on the Brazilian man in the Speedo in my Hawaii post) will either reveal herself and be a bit more cordial, or go away.

Anon said...

I could be all fake-nice, but what fun would that be? You have a perception that I'm disdainful, but I'm really just unedited-truthful. Shasta does need a diet. She's too fat and you're hurting her by feeding her too much. She's suffering for it. You don't want to hear that, so you perceive me as a Big Ole Meanie. I must be unhappy/fat/gay/whatever.

Make your blog private if you don't want random people to read and comment. If it's public, I assume you want people to read it. Apparently, you want to control the reactions you get. Sorry, this is the internet. It's uncontrollable.

jennifer said...

Seriously, Carol. Just delete the Anon comments before they can get aired. if he/she doesn't have the stage to put hurtful remarks and get entertained by everyone's reactions, that will get rid of him/her. That would in essence make your blog "private." An exclusive club with one member prohibited!

Goofball said...


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