Friday, February 18, 2011

Our damaging contribution to the SeaTac parking garage

To those of you who head to SeaTac International Airport as often as we do (or more), you might have noticed this damage to the SeaTac Parking Garage entry kiosk:


I’d like to claim responsibility for this damage, which occurred in about 1997, and remains to this day – in spite of the massive renovations that have been made to the airport since then.

Our fault.  Our bad.

See, back then we had a big ol’ Ford F-150 passenger van (because we had four young kids and a big dog)… and on top of that big ol’ honkin’ van we carried a big ol’ honkin’ car top carrier.  I can’t remember why we had headed to the airport with the carrier on the car, but I DO remember the god-awful sound it made as we (may I point out that Tom was at the wheel?) attempted to pass under that lip.

We couldn’t back up, so we (and by “we,” I mean Tom) just had to go forward… and listen as the metal tore away, cracked, and bent.

So next time you head here…


…and you see this


…think of us – and that god-awful sound.

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1 comment:

Goofball said...

I hope they don't google this and send you a bill ;)

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