Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ouch, my head!

I'm juggling four jobs -- or potential jobs -- right now and I gotta say, it's exhausting! I spend my days at The Big Software Company, no longer staring at tech-specs all day (thank goodness), but finally doing something I'm really liking -- making sure that we're actually making the product for who we say we're making it for... EDUCATORS and STUDENTS. Once again I'm the activist! I love it!

Job #2 -- or potential job #2 -- is a contract position in which I'd write the American education curriculum for an animated Australian movie and PC game for kids that addresses (in a very cool way) the obesity epidemic. As far as kids are concerned, it's all about superheroes, but I need to make it educationally cohesive and viable. It won't be an easy task! if that goes through, I'll quit MS and throw myself into developing that curriculum. The pay is great, but the main guy I'll deal with, while brilliant and creative, is a canon, and I'll earn every penny I make!

Potential job #3 is as Director of Product Development for an online company that guarantees to teach little (sometimes tiny) kids to read. It's very pedagogical, completely research-based, and absolutely effective... though a bit staid and boring. They definitely need me (and I think they want to hire me), but their VC funding hasn't come though so it's a waiting game for all involved.

Job #4 is going into business with my former boss, starting a company we'd call "Health Media Studios." We met last night to talk about what we might do and how we'd do it. It's exciting, and I think we make a great team (she has the biz development; I have the product development), but making it happen is something else. We did just book our trip to the "Games for Health" conference in Baltimore in September, though, so who knows?! We are definitely go-getters and do-ers, so this is completely feasible! Between the two of us, we have some great credentials -- Disney, Humongous, Web MD... Stanford, a gazillion years of experience and a million products... The more I think about it, the more I like it!

So what should I do? Votes???? (Yeah, right -- I have yet to have ONE comment on this blog! Hellllooooo out there!!!??)

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