Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Make that 5 options!

Option #5: I created some documents and posted them to the MS team SharePoint server today. They have names like "National & International Curriculum Standards," "Possible Scenarios in Five Curriculum Areas," and "Understanding our Market." I've been pretty vocal around those techy halls, imploring the "devs" (developers/engineers/programmers) to stop thinking in terms of cool features they're able make (hell, they CAN do anything), and instead think in terms of finding out what educators need and want, and delivering that. Sounds so simple. It's not.

Within 5 minutes of my posting, one of our vendors knocked on my office door, closed it behind him, and basically offered me a job. Long story short, he suggested that I work directly for him, as a vendor (instead of a contractor) for MS, allowing me to circumvent the whole MS "100 days rule" (which says that I need to take 1oo days off after working for a year). He shares my passion for education -- though he's on the tech end of it -- and I guess he likes my... well, my pit-bull stance about always (always!) putting the educator first.

So we'll talk more tomorrow. At this point, I truly don't know which road to follow. I guess it depends on three things: the nature of the work, job security (FTE vs contract) and money.

Or maybe four: timing!

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