Sunday, August 13, 2017

My father wrote this to his kids the day after Trump was elected. I had no idea…

“Hi, all of you. parents and descendants ---
Dad with pipe
NOW where are you going to emigrate to??
In 1938, ("Krystal Night", November 8) my (Jewish) father told us to keep the lights off, and windows closed, so nobody would bother us in the apparently empty  house.   The burning of the synagogue across the street, was officially the work of "Germans tired of the Jews.” It was done by "people disgusted with the Jews.”
The next day, a guy at school bragged that the night before, his big brother, an SS or SA man, was one of the people setting the synagogue on fire.  The burning of the synagogue was (to remain politically correct) “by the people people against the Jews.”  My dad told me to never ever tell anybody about what I had heard.
He wouldn't believe things could get worse. He knew he had done no wrong. He did not want to take us out of school or compromise promising careers in our future.  He would not leave his house or his language.
My entire life would have been different if he had made different decisions. 
But, of course, it IS a BIG decision, and my impression of our current situation might be totally different from how you or your kids feel.
I strongly hope I am wrong in my defensive attitude.  But I believe, now more than ever, that 2016 is now quite a bit like 1938 in Europe, when my Jewish uncles left their businesses in Berlin to go to America.
I personally could not survive moving any more – I’m getting very old now.  But I would feel bad if I failed to tell you about my own experiences and fears.  I MUST tell you, especially those of you who may have a Mexican-sounding name in their ancestry.
Now I'll shut up.
Love --   Dad”
Dad died less than four months after Trump was elected. Thank god he doesn’t have to see this. It would kill him.

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Suzie Heumann said...

Thomas had uncles in the US? Do you know these families?
And on the more important note - Yikes! I remember when he sent this out. But now it seems far more frightening and predictive. It's hard to suss out the stuff that is happening behind the scenes. And it is all the more frightening to know that he has not filled key cabinet seats as if he doesn't intend to - why bother when you don't want the scrutiny. Yikes again!
If I didn't have children I think I would move to Canada - if they'd take me!!! I have thought about buying property north of you also just to 'hold' for the future for the kids and their kids as global weirding (heat) is going to be creeping from south to north. Yikes again!

Goofball said...

it gives me shivers

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