Friday, July 28, 2017

Walking the property, survey in-hand

Last weekend, a few weeks after we received the survey results from Encompass Engineering & Surveying and after meeting again with our architect, Rick Jones, we returned to Suncadia.

Well, we returned to Suncadia via Last Easton State Park, just a few miles from Suncadia, where we traditionally camp during our summer Suncadia weekends. (Per Elisabeth: “One time, if you enjoyed it, makes a tradition!”)


On Saturday morning we headed with both dogs to the Suncadia owner’s picnic. In Quinn’s earlier days, she would have been a terror at such an event, but she’s become the quintessential perfect Golden Retriever – friendly, gentle, and well-behaved. At six, it’s about time! Shasta, who is just plain old, at 13, just slept under the table. We met a few fellow owners, always friendly, unassuming, and welcoming, before heading toward our lot.

We took the long way, looking at other Suncadia homes on the way, discussing features we like and those we don’t like so much.


Like: rock and front door. Not so much: too much driveway.


Like: a very Tom-esque dry creek bed.


Like: the curved wood accent among all the straight lines.


Like: the blue, blue sky and the smell of pine and sunshine!

Armed with our new plot map, indicating the location of just about every tree and bush on our property, we began to walk the lot. I started by walking the proposed driveway from the street…


…while Tom got his bearings, comparing the map and the actual property – easier said than done!



I wish this blog had a scratch’n’sniff feature so you could get the full sensory experience! But the visual should give you a sense of what we like so much about our new property:


While Tom and I focused on the views (and which trees should be removed to provide the best one), the dogs found their favorite grassy patches and made themselves right at home!


Eventually, we identified trees that we’d likely remove and those we’d likely keep – though it’s of course still too early for a final decision. But not a bad start, eh?!


Once we got home, Mr. Project of course found a new one:


Tom’s making a 3-D topographical model of the property.  Of course he is – right on schedule, when his other big project (I call it the “mystery project”) in the yard is about 85% complete!


Apparently the next step for his model is a trip to the craft store to get cute little pine trees and fuzzy groundcover. I chide Tom, but I’m pretty excited about watching his model develop as our new home at Suncadia begins to take shape.

Stay tuned!

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