Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wine tasting in Woodinville with dogs

Kat's German Shepard, Zoe, turned one today. A year ago today, she weighed about two pounds - which is at least a hundred pounds less than she weighs now. She is one BIG pup! Since I turn - ahem - older tomorrow, we figured that wine tasting would be a good way to celebrate Zoe's and my birthdays. Or my birthday, anyway, with Zoe adding additional birthday spirit. We also took Quinn, the quietest and least... well, weird, of my two dogs. Shasta didn't stay home sulking, though; she went with Tom to shop for gas fireplace inserts which was my birthday wish.

 If you wonder whether Woodinville wineries accept dogs, you'll be happy to know that most do! We referenced  the Canines and Cabernet blog to find out which are dog friendly and then cross referenced them with these maps.

Of the 165+ wineries in Woodinville, we visited four today, J&A, Page Cellars, Barrage Cellars, and Davenport Cellars. We HAD to visit J&A Winery first because it's named after two Golden Retrievers, Jake and Annie. Being canine friendly is a big part of who they are.
It's a ladies day out!
All four of us had a GREAT time -- Kat and I, because of the fabulous wine and the great company, and Quinn and Zoe because of the endless pets and snuggles. And because I am wine-induced, post-Thanksgiving bone tired, I'm just gonna post some pictures of our afternoon.

Well behaved doggies!


Center of attention!

"That'd fill a LOT of water bowls!"

"I want my own winery!"



...more snuggles...

...and even MORE snuggles!

The dogs hit their wall!

Dinner at Mongolian Grill hit the spot after all that wine!

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Tonya said...

Oh, what FUN!!! Such great photos!

Margaret said...

This wonderful post and photos make me wish that I liked wine and had a dog. I don't think Mari would appreciate a trip to a winery, or brewery for that matter. She dislikes people, except for a few selected ones. :)

carolbaby said...

Happy birthday!

So great to see a post from you pop up. Fun idea - looks like everyone had a blast.

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