Sunday, November 22, 2015

Testing, testing!

I can't post from Live Writer anymore (sob!) and I can't seem to fix the issue, in spite of endless hours of research, lots of finger-crossing, password and setting changes, etc. So it looks like Blogger and I are going to have to get acquainted. But Blogger isn't WYSIWYG, so I can't imagine ever falling in love... or even like. Blogger, you'll be lucky if I end up tolerating you!

The problem seems to arise when I post multiple photos. So I'll do just that (masichist that I am) and see what happens on Blogger.

But which pics should I post?

Have you ever seen the back side of water - anywhere but Disneyland, that is? Well, here you go!

 This is Silver Falls State Park in Oregon, where you can actually walk behind gorgeous waterfalls. It's a very cool place!

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Tonya said...

It seemed to work fine! But I feel your pain. I don't know what I would (will?) do if Typepad no longer supports Live Writer. I LOVE LIVE WRITER.

Goofball said...

Is that problem back? I thought you had found a workaround a few months ago?

I still work in Blogger directly ( and don't seem to have an issue with the WYSIWYG? Been using it for 10.5 years now and I find it more userfriendly than Wordpress that I use for a volunteering organisation.

Margaret said...

I don't even know what all those letters mean! I'm with Tonya, I will be bereft if something happens to typepad. It's so easy for me to post, although I now have to do so from Google chrome. Typepad won't work for me on Mozilla, which is very odd. (always where I've blogged from before) Always some issue!!

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