Saturday, May 09, 2015

Home, next Home

We are in escrow!

Behold, our next home, here:

What? You don't see a home? Tom sure does! He has it all designed in his head - complete with a babbling brook and waterfall (he says this one was "just practice"), a tree house for (future) grandkids, and another gorgeous garden shed. All this won't happen until about 2018, though, so he will just have to keep designing and re-designing until he retires.

Imagine something somewhat similar to this, except with the garage actually a separate structure, placed at a wide open "V" angle to the house. Now imagine total silence, except for those birds singing...and more trees. Oh, and imagine our elk friends coming by for a visit.

Nice, eh?

Of course, the design will change many times between now and when we retire, partly because Tom absolutely must obsess about everything - orientation on the (1.2 acre!) lot, model and floorplan, etc. -- and one cannot obsess unless one is at least somewhat undecided.

I will obsess once it becomes more of a reality (first step: close escrow!) and I can actually place furniture and design rooms.

And just to keep ourselves from completely freaking out -- have we already decided where we will live out our lives?! -- we can just look at this whole lot purchase as a simple real estate investment, breathe, and move on.

But why would we? Tom gets his big, quiet, very private property and his dream house in a climate with four times as many sunny days (and way more snow) than Seattle, I get all that plus a real sense of community, and we both get miles and miles of hiking and biking trails, great recreational facilities, a river and a lake nearby for boating and fishing activities, and great restaurants and wineries.

I'm thinking we might be able get used to the whole idea! What do you think?

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Margaret said...

I think it sounds fantastic and I will be delighted to come over and visit you. If my step-grandma is still alive, I can stop in to take her out to lunch as well. And go by the Cle Elum bakery for some delicious Dutch crunch, pecan cinnamon rolls and torcettis. :)

deekeller said...

I think it sounds like it's going to make everybody happy!

Goofball said...

The setting looks absolutely stunning!! What do you know about the community live there already? Have you met any of your future frients/neighbours? After all, this is important to you and you will move 90 minutes away from your current friends & neighbours?

And how do you see even further future when physical activity becomes harder? Is there good services in the community?

Tonya said...

So exciting!! And SO BEAUTIFUL!!

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