Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Featuring: Tom’s finished water feature, compliments of a drone!

Remember when (yes, you will want to click that link) I asked you to remember when (and, yeah, click that one too) I insisted that we’re finished with major projects around the house?  And remember when I posted update this update to Tom’s progress on the water feature? 
Well, the water feature that began (in Tom’s head, anyway) as a fairly quick project exploded over the past year into the water feature that belongs in a corporate courtyard!  No, I take it back; this one is OURS, built lovingly and meticulously by my husband – who even has cancer!
(My brother Michael filmed this yesterday with his drone. See what I mean?  Isn’t it incredible? And he even set the video to my favorite music!)

And would you believe that on the day we found out that the cancer that we feared was stage 4 was only stage 1, Tom said to me, “So… I’m playing the fact that I have cancer here, but… I want to buy a lot and build a house.  Everything I’ve already done has just been practice for the BIG ONE – the house that we build.” 
And, having just realized that the man of my life was going to (thank god!) be alive for a long time to come, I replied “OK, honey…”
But first I want to fully appreciate this house for at least another five years, until we retire.  Then I guess we’ll talk. (Since he has cancer…)
And just because I feel like it, here’s a little visual chronology of this latest project:

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Anon said...
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Margaret said...

What a work of art! Love it!

Margaret said...
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Carol said...
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Anon said...
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