Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11th–the happy and the sad of it

This is the happy: quite coincidentally, both Quinn and Shasta have birthdays today.  Quinn, the ever-mischievous puppy, turns one and Shasta, the ol’ Dame, turns seven. 

Quinn Shasta 2012

It’s been quite a ride with these two!  I still often wonder what possessed me last summer when we decided to get a second Golden.  I’m sure Shasta quite often wonders what possessed me as well! But all in all it’s been worth it because crazy and feisty as she is, Quinn is a sweet and smart dog who will, someday, calm down.  I hope.

And the sad of April 11th is that eight years ago today, my mother died.  I still miss her.

Omi and Carol Xmas 01A

I’m convinced that I dream about Mom all the time, but I wake up with only her presence in my heart and nothing more.  If that’s all I can have of her, I’ll take it.

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1 comment:

Michelle said...

U have a lot more. Her love that will last a lifetime, memoriers and storyies to tell. She is your angel forever.

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