Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My first love has died. RIP, Davy Jones.

From the time I was 11 until I was about 13, I walked a mile to the closest variety store each month to spend the few quarters I had saved that month on the latest Tiger Beat magazine, because photos of this adorable man graced page after page.

Davy Jones collage

I couldn’t wait to get the magazine home so I could have Davy all to myself.  Once I’d memorized each photo, I’d invite my similarly-swoony next door neighbors over so we could swoon together for a few more hours. 

I could have sworn that the feelings I had for Davy Jones were the real thing back then and anyone who challenged me, especially bratty older teen brothers and teasy parents, would get an earful if they ever challenged me – which they eventually learned not to do.

Davy even got me into big trouble.  Yes-siree, he did!  I had decided that enjoying photos of Davy in the teen magazines wasn’t enough; I wanted him with me in my (beautifully wallpapered) room at all times!  So I mixed water and flour together to make a thick paste, as a friend from school had taught me to do, and I used that tacky paste to “glue” photo after photo and page after page of Davy onto my bedroom walls until the wallpaper barely peeked through.

When my parents discovered what I had done to the walls of our turn-of-the-century home with the perfectly beautiful (but not to me) turn-of-the-century wallpaper, I was in BIG trouble! 

To this day, I believe that my supposed teeny-bopper schoolgirl crush on Davy Jones was more.  After all, I went on to marry this gorgeous look-alike!


Rest in peace, Davy… my first crush, my first love, my first boyfriend.

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c said...

Hi. I left a comment yesterday, but it didn't show up. I too was a fan of Davy Jones and it's a jolt that he's gone!

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