Thursday, February 09, 2012

Could I ever love again if…?

I always wondered whether I could fall in love again if something happened to my sweetheart.

Today I discovered the answer.


His name – I kid you not -- is LORDAI.  Lordai, lordai, lordai!

I love my Boo dearly.  How could you not love THIS?


But I stopped cold in my tracks at PetSmart today as I passed the room with the kitties up for adoption because this guy just took my breath away.


Yes, I’m shallow.  And fickle.  And he’s a looker.  What can I say?

Unfortunately (or, actually, fortunately), there wasn’t anyone available to open his cage so I couldn’t hold him and love him… and steal him.  (Or even wake him up!)  But oh, how I wanted to.

I also kinda fell for a few other kitties in nearby cages:

This is Peter:


And this is Babs:


And this is Vaughn:


But Lordai’s mai gai!

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Margaret said...

If we ever get another cat, s/he will look like that one!! LOVE the coloring. :)

Goofball said...

I'd take Peter in that case

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