Thursday, January 13, 2011

The continuing saga of the United Airlines fiasco

Remember this?

Well, we’re still embroiled in a dispute – and oh my, it’s getting dramatic.  And infuriating.  And ridiculous.


E-mail #1, in response to my initial request for a refund:

Dear Carol Snider:

We have received your request in reference to ticket numbers 016 XXXX 732774, 016 XXXX 534585 & 016 XXXX 544949.

As per our investigation we found that ticket no. 016 XXXX 732774 was exchanged to 016 XXXX 534585 and then again exchange to 016 XXXX 544949 and used, however you were not charged any change fee. (Emphasis mine.)

We appreciate you choosing United Airlines and hope that we can welcome you onboard again soon.


Devidas Sable
Passenger Refunds

Ref #: 11578508A
United Airlines Passenger Refunds


E-mail #2, my reply:


We were ABSOLUTELY charged a change fee of $150!  Here is a cut & paste from my online Visa statement:

ual 3

I am not sure what ticket numbers you are referring to, as I only know what changes were made to her ticket both before her travel day (she was sent an e-mail, indicating that her route had been changed) and on travel day when the agent found her another ticket.

For United Airlines to insist that we were not charged the fee I am requesting -- essentially calling me a liar -- is absolutely insulting. (Emphasis mine.)

Please elevate this to a superior and re-investigate your records per the description I submitted.  Please get back to me ASAP!  I  have already posted the beginning of this story on my blog (and the resolution is being awaited) and I can also  post on your Facebook page for all to see that I have been called a liar by United Airlines.  I will not post anything today, in hopes of a speedy resolution to this matter.

Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Carol Snider


E-mail #3, United Airlines’ reply:

Dear Ms. Snider:

We have received your request in reference to ticket numbers 016 XXXX 732774, 016 XXXX 534585 & 016 XXXX544949.

I'm sorry if you feel that we're not trying to assist you with a refund.  Since the charge is still not reflecting in our system, we're unable to confirm this amount.  As you have sent us a copy of the credit card charge, we do see that you were charged $150.00 on December 17, 2010. 

(Seriously, their charge isn’t reflected in their system?!)

However, we still cannot proceed with the refund as the charge number that reflects on the statement is incomplete.  We need the 13 digit ticket number starting with 0164 to view the reservation in our system.

I would request you to contact your bank/credit card company and ask them to provide you with the complete 13 digit ticket number. Upon receiving your reply, we will investigate this matter further.  Please forward this documentation using one of the following methods:

Mailing Address:
United Airlines Refund Department
P.O. Box 66282
Chicago, IL 60666
Fax: 847 264 3371


E-mail #4, my reply to United Airlines today:

Hello again.

I find it ridiculous that you have proof that 1.) we were indeed charged $150 by United Airlines on 12/17/10 and 2.) the 10-digit charge number DOES start with 0164.  (The number on the Visa statement is 0164066631.)  I did call Visa, per your suggestion, and they confirm that they only have the 10-digit number that appears on the statement.  As the ticket was electronic and the ticket number isn't indicated on e-mail correspondence, we do not have the 13-digit number.


It is a number generated by United Airlines!  Visa only provides a portion of the number as a convenience for their customers.  You have the full number.

To make our refund contingent upon us knowing a number that was never provided to us, but you have, is ridiculous!  What are you disputing?  That we paid the $150 to United Airlines on 12/17?  We did, as proven by the statement below.  That my story is falsified, for some reason?  It isn't, I assure you.

Here is the full statement.  The 10-digit number is all Visa has:
ual 3

Please escalate this to a superior and indicate a number I can call to speak directly to that person.

Thank you,


OK, now I am pulling my hair out!   I am seriously ready to call our local news and see if they’ll cover this in their consumer affairs reports! 


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Lynn said...

It's frustrating dealing with a big company. We got a huge runaround from Budget rental car when they charged us $780 for a 24 hour rental.
I'd try calling them. Good luck!

Tonya said...

Oh, hells bells, why are there brick walls for head-bashing at EVERY. SINGLE. THING. WE. DO.????

Lorrene said...

How ridiculous can United Airlines be. So their stupid rule with the 13 digit number must be set in concrete. You had other proof. I'm still scratching my head over that one.

jennifer said...

It's time to GET JESSE!!!

jennifer said...

It's also ridiculous because the whole ordeal has at this point cost their customer service dept more than the $150 (in terms of their time and salary they're paying the people who're talking to you). And you're not giving up, so that means they'll continue to spend their resources on it. Why don't they just GIVE IN already! $150 to them is less than their extra baggage charges for 2 bags round trip.

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