Sunday, January 16, 2011

Addendum to the United Airlines refund saga

In a follow-up to these two posts, I offer the following:

After posting a link to the above entries on my blog on United Airlines’ Facebook page, I received TWO calls within 12 hours from Rhonda, an apparently high-ranking United Airlines Refund officer.  (Ah, the power of social media!)

social media

In a discussion with her, she explained that, because the credit card used to make the reservation (Elisabeth’s) and the credit card used to pay the change fee (mine) were different, they had no record of the 13-digit number, as it is normally “attached” to the reservation.  I was also told that CheapTickets, not United, was responsible for the itinerary through Canada (CheapTickets had insisted the exact opposite), and that they should have indicated the need for a passport… which they didn’t – at least not on any communication I saw in forwarded communication from Elisabeth. 

Rhonda very patiently  explained United Airlines’ position, and then, as a “gesture of good faith,” she offered to e-mail me a voucher for $150 to be used on UA travel.  Although I told her I’d prefer a credit to my Visa card, I accepted her offer and waited to see that voucher in my in-box.  It’s been three days and I just realized that, although Rhonda didn’t state so explicitly, she’s probably waiting to see this post before e-mailing me said voucher. 

Because you know what she’s probably thinking? ‘Ah – and damn – the power of social media!’

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Unknown said...

so when I go to Europe, do I need a Passport to get through Paris?

Carol said...


Yes, but if you were going through Paris to get from Seattle to Omaha...

Well, OK, I see your point. :-)

jennifer said...

Hahaha on Peter's comment!

It does sound like a huge Snafu... using CheapTickets and different credit cards to reserve the trip. I've gotten burned by that when booking on Orbitz once (when UAL also had all sorts of issues with a change to the itinerary). I try to book straight with the airlines since that experience!

Glad you got to speak to a "real person" at United and that they're offering some gesture of good faith :)

Tonya said...

Sure hope that gesture of "good faith" actually comes to fruition. What a bunch of hooey.

Margaret said...

What a mess--and it's so exhausting to deal with!! I'm glad that you got some satisfaction at least. :)

Unknown said...

All I can say is

CreditCardAssist said...

Sounds like United and Continental are merging their rewards credit card too. I need to call to make sure none of my miles get lost!

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