Friday, June 25, 2010

Today’s national weather map… and our tiny little sliver of green


Look very carefully.  You might even have to zoom in. 

(Sorry, I’m limping along on an old Dell while my laptop is in the shop so I can’t even highlight the area I’m referring to, as I normally would.  Sigh.)

See that skinny strip of green along the West Coast that widen to include Western Washington?

Although we’ve had some glorious weather lately (and we finally this week hit 75 degrees for the first time this year!) the weather in the Pacific Northwest has been noticeably cooler than in the rest of the nation.  I love the comfortable, pleasant temperatures we have in Seattle during the summer and I even welcome the mist that often greets us early on summer mornings. 

Personally, I’ll take this over blistering heat any day! 

So do you envy us Pacific Northwesterners or do you pity us?

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Goofball said...


Margaret said...

I live here too and LOVE the temps we're having now. Perfect for anything!!

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