Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Frozen in Time

To my now-grown and relatively independent, non-popsicle eating children:

Does this look familiar?


If my memory serves me correctly, this box of OtterPops was purchased at Costco on a hot summer day in 1997, prompted by the whining and begging of at least two (and more likely four) tag-along kids who really-really needed and pretty-please wanted 200 popsicles. 

There are still at least 192 OtterPops still in the box and now I have no idea what to do with them.  Do you each want 48 popsicles?  Should I Freecycle them?  Or maybe use them for wounds and headaches?  Should I build an OtterPop castle?  Or maybe ship them to deserving and sweaty children somewhere?

I can’t think of many things that have hung around here longer than these OtterPops – certainly not the four of you!  How embarrassing!

Or maybe what’s really embarrassing is the fact that we haven’t defrosted that garage freezer since – oh, about 1997.

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Margaret said...

This reminds me that I really need to go through my refrigerator and freezer. It won't be fun.

Susanne said...

Carol, I know excactly what you are talking about..lolol, I have to admitt I have the same creatures in my garage fridge.....which I havn't defrosted for years....and my kids have left home for a long time...
It is very funy though..Otter Pops..havn't thought about them for years....not knowing I
still had them in my garage freezer.
Maybe I should keep them for my grandson...

jennifer said...

That's pretty amazing that the freezer has actually been on and running for that long! Although I suppose that those popsicles may have thawed and re-frozen during various power outages over the years. Have you looked in the box? Are they all melted/frozen together into one big popsicle brick? :)

Carol said...

Interestingly enough, all the little OtterPop "tubes" look like new -- not gooped up, bricked together, or anything else... in SPITE of multiple power outages over the years!

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