Thursday, May 29, 2008

When You Celebrate 25 Years of Marriage, Your Kids Will Be Old Enought to Give You Something Like THIS (if you're lucky!)

So we got home from our wonderful day in Seattle and evening at Cirque Du Soleil (which I'll post about tomorrow), and we were greeted by an amazing anniversary gift from Elisabeth. She made us a scrapbook! After ooohing and aaahing over it a few times and looking through it repeatedly, I asked Elisabeth to pose with it so I could take a picture.

Oh rather, make that a few pictures:

Here's the cover:

Elisabeth was more than happy to show a page...

... or two.

But I kept turning the page and snapping photos... "What are you doing, Mom?"

"Seriously? Every page?!"

"This is ridiculous!"

"Stop. Stop it NOW!"

"C'mon, Mom. You're nuts."

"OK, now I'm getting mad."

"Like, really mad."

"I'm done."

"Un. Be. LIEVE. able." (OK, look closely at these two pages. On the left is a blank background with a winery theme, along with some wine-tasting stickers, and on the right is a hot air balloon and a certificate. That's because Elisabeth is going to take us wine tasting on June 7th, and the gift certificate is for dinner and a hot air balloon ride after wine tasting! I can hardly wait -- and I'm quakin' in my boots just thinking about floating in a little tiny basket a couple hundred feet over the surface of the earth. There WILL be blogging.)

Wow -- how lucky are we?!

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Jen said...

How wonderful! I made one of those for my mom's 80th, and all her friends contributed. I think it was her favorite gift, ever.

Maria said...

Wow! Elisabeth looks so much like you, btw. It stunned me just how much throughout the post...each picture... plus it's an awesome gift! :)

Home's Jewels said...

Congratulations, Carol. What a great gift you have given to your adult children! Can't wait to see the blog entry about the balloon ride.

hadjiboy said...

My mom and I couldn't stop laughing at the torture poor Elizabeth had to go through with the Scrap book!

You both look like you have a very special relationship:)

Goofball said...

this series is hilarious :p

What a fabulous gift. Your family is so crafty and loving.

Ann(ie) said...

That is one beautiful, thoughful girl you have, darlin!

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