Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Shasta: April 11, 2005–July 10, 2018



In the spring of 2016, the vet told us that Shasta had two potentially lethal conditions -  thrombocytopenia (a blood/platelet disorder)and degenerative myelopathy (weakness and possible eventual paralysis in the rear legs). She wasn’t expected to live for more than six months.

But boy, did she live – for more than two years past that diagnosis!

What eventually did sweet Shasta in was a brain tumor, which caused increasingly frequent seizures and slowly stole her ability to get around, to play, and to be the happy, tennis-ball-obsessed doggie she was.  


Once the seizures began last spring, we didn’t think Shasta would live long enough to make the move with us to Gig Harbor. But she did make the move, and she LOVED her new home!


Her legs often gave out under her, but she was happy. It was not time yet.

When it was time, she let us know. On the morning of July 10th, we called Suzanne, a vet who does compassionate euthanasia at home and asked her to come that evening.

Then we spent the day loving on Shasta.


Quinn seemed to know. And she seemed to accept what was happening. Maybe animals are better at that than we are.


Thanks to Suzanne’s compassion and care, Shasta’s departure was peaceful.


We miss Shasta so much! But we know that she stayed as long as she could.

Quinn is adjusting well and actually seems to like being the spoiled only child. We take her with us to restaurants, to community events, and to the park, and she is reveling in it all.

Another puppy? No, thank you. Not now or anytime soon. I think we’ll just continue to spoil the one we have.

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Margaret said...

I'm glad that Shasta got to spend some time in your new home and that she left with grace and love.

deekeller said...

Yes, I am really happy that Shasta was part of your new home too, otherwise the new house would have felt like too much of a break with the family. Good old Shasta and the tennis balls. She loved being part of your family, every second of it - what fun she had with you and you with her!

Goofball said...

I'm glad Shasta has had the loving home in your family for so many years.

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