Thursday, February 22, 2018

Frankfurt to Berlin to Chemnitz - and dinner with the museum director

When you never even leave an airport terminal, as was the case for us in Frankfurt, you end up with photos like this as your only memento. 

We flew from San Francisco to Frankfurt, to Berlin, where we were picked up by George and York and driven 2.5 hours to Chemnitz. 

Chemnitz is an industrial German city, very different than my mother’s home region of Bavaria. But Chemnitz has a beauty of its own. 

We arrived at the Chemnitzer Hof Hotel and were greeted with this!

Yes, I got quite teary-eyed and pretty much speechless when I saw these!

We took a few photos in the same room where my grandparents sometimes went out for an evening on the town (before my grandfather was prohibited from such activities).


And then Dr Moessinger, the Director of the Kunstsammlung Chemnitz arrived and treated to THE most wonderful dinner, where we learned more about Carl and his love of some of the great works of classic German art. 

And yes, the sauerbraten was amazing! (I snuck this photo as discretely as I could because... people who take photos of their food. But... right?!)

It’s 4:15 AM now and I’m wide awake. Of course. I’ll try to sneak a few more hours of sleep before we embark upon the first of three very busy days. 

I’ll try to keep up the blogging, too - even if it has to be at 4:15 AM from the hotel room bathroom!

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Margaret said...

That must have been amazing to see the poster and pamphlet about your grandfather and father. Wow! The food looks delicious!!

Tonya said...

Wow, the poster and brochure are wonderful! Made ME teary! So very special, Carol, and oooooh the food. You certainly DO have some packed days ahead!

Goofball said...

What a true tribute to your family. How nice and emotional that must be (definately combined with jet-lag!)

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