Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pre-Costa Rica Test

I'll probably be doing some blogging from Costa Rica via my iPhone 6Plus next week, so I thought I'd try things out from home so I could make any changes before we go. 

So let's just pretend I'm blogging and posting pics. 

Yes, I'm packed, three days before we go. I'll surely unpack and re-pack a few times still!

This is one of the four wine racks Tom made for the kids for Christmas. Like everything he makes, it's incredible. He must have put 100 hours into each. And here's proof:

I did some pre-cleaning. It sure didn't look that way when he was working on them!

Aaaaand, I have gallstones. I have a constant pain in my gut. Just hope I survive a week in Costa Rica without having an attack. 

Looks like blogging from my phone will work, just as it did when we were in Europe. So why don't I blog more often? Honestly, I don't know! I miss it!

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