Monday, March 31, 2014

Testing, Testing (from my new Chromebook)!

So let's say that I had only this Chromebook, my iPhone, and a wi-fi connection (as will likely be the case) next month in Europe.  Can I post photos from both Google Drive (where I'll store our D-40 photos) and from my phone (which I will likely use at least as much because dang, iPhone 5 takes great photos!)?

Here is a random photo I just uploaded to Google Drive:

Spoiled kitty #1

And here is a photo uploaded from my phone to the newfangled and slightly kludgy Google + Photos:

Spoiled kitty #2

That seems to work too, but it's sure more time-consuming than just uploading directly from my phone!  I have to plug my phone into the Chromebook and use it as a drive, uploading to Google + Photos (to allow editing).  I have a feeling that there's an easier way.

How about links?  Are they as breezy as usual using this Blogger app for the Chromebook? Here's a cool link -- some information on our first destination!

Thank you for your patience!  Yes, I know this blog was going to be more about our journey trudge into retirement.  But that will have to resume after our upcoming family trip.  We leave a month from tomorrow!  And yes, it seems that I WILL be blogging!  (Assuming fast and easy internet connections...)

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Margaret said...

You know WAY more about tech than I do and sounds like you have many options, given a wifi connection. Just don't try to text your photos to anyone; that will cost you big time! :)

Kathrin said...

Carol, have lots of fun. I can't wait for pictures and stories about your trip. Gute Reise! ;)

Kathrin, FL (Yes, I'm still here)

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