Monday, July 02, 2012

Yakima from the rear view mirror

In June, 2011, six months after graduating from Washington State, Peter landed a job in Yakima, a town on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains, about two and a half hours from the lush greenery of Seattle.  Peter has lots to say about Yakima, probably the kindest being that it’s “not Seattle.”  Let’s just say that his year in Yakima wasn’t the happiest of his life and he worked hard to find his way back to Seattle, where his heart is (and where Michaela, who shares his heart, also is).

At the end of May, Peter landed a great job in Seattle and began to make plans to move back.  Then, two weeks ago, he found an apartment in the heart of Fremont, one of Seattle’s most desirable neighborhoods for young professionals. So he paid his dues in Yakima for a year and finally last weekend Tom and I helped him move back!

This is the shot he talked about for months -- Yakima out of the rear view mirror:image

Granted, it’s not the most beautiful place on earth, but just a few miles from the town of Yakima is Yakima Canyon – which is, I swear, one of the most beautiful places on earth!  (In a very non-Seattle way, of course…)

Come join us, won’t you?

2012-06-30 15.50.15

Wide open road and the bright blue skies…

2012-06-30 15.51.45

…and lots of rock!

2012-06-30 15.52.40

See those teeny-tiny specs in the water?  Those are people on inner tubes and small rafts, spending all day floating leisurely down the river, soaking up the sunshine!  I’ve decided that this is something that I must do!


Look!  A deer!


2012-06-30 16.10.00

We must be getting closer to cloudy, gray Seattle…

2012-06-30 16.04.33

I don’t think Peter will ever head back to Yakima, but someday I just might!  Floating down the river in the middle of the beautiful Yakima Canyon is definitely something I’d spend a day doing.

But yeah, a full year out there really would be a bit much.

(With apologies to Lorenne!)

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Margaret said...

Good for him! Our younger daughter had a gymnastics meet in Yakima once and I spent lots of time when I was younger visiting my aunt there. It has definitely changed over the years and not for the better. A scary place in spots.

Unknown said...

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