Sunday, January 10, 2010

One man’s marketing is another wife’s nightmare

One of Tom’s favorite magazines is Sport Rider because it appeals to the speed-demon, leather-wearing, risk-taking rebel in him.  The fact that the magazine is often left in the bathroom cracks me up because I can’t help but imagine this staid and stable 54-year-old engineer sitting on the porcelain throne pretending it’s the seat of one of these:


Tonight the magazine was open to an article about Shoei X-Twelve helmet.  Ooooh-la-la – what a helmet it is!


But the WIFE and MOTHER in me was drawn directly to this:


Seriously?  “The X-Twelve is equipped with Shoei’s EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System) for the cheekpads that allow quick and easy removal to allow medical personnel to more easily remove the helmet from the rider’s head”!

This is a product feature!  The marketer in my totally gets it… but the wife in me can’t help but conjure up horrible, gruesome, petrifying images that I can’t imagine any marketer wants conjured up. 

Of course I immediately brought this to Tom’s attention, asking him (yes, rhetorically) what it is about men that they have a desire to pursue an activity dangerous enough to demand the creation of such a gizmo.  Without missing a beat he asked me what it is about people that they have such a desire to pursue an activity dangerous enough to require the creation of “the jaws of life.”

Touché.  And point well taken.  But still – is this really good marketing?  Or am I just a bit too much of a fuddy-duddy wife?

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Goofball said...

I don't need such an ad to have gruesome images of moterriders. I think it's brilliant marketing and a brilliant product feature. it's crucial. In my first aid course there were special remarks on the challenges and difficulties of removing a helmet added to the remark "crashed motor riders always risk spinal injury".

So...if they really gonna ride a motor , do it with such a helmet so emergency workers don't need to take the helmet off ride away to give oxygen or something.

Anon said...

Don't let him snow you. Driving a car is far, FAR safer than riding one of those organ-donor-machines.

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